श्री योगवासिष्ठ महारामायण


श्री योगवासिष्ठ महारामायण (आश्रम)

वैराग्य प्रकरण, मुमुक्षु-व्यवहार प्रकरण,उत्पत्ति प्रकरण  

भाग – १ –  PDF-1

स्थिति प्रकरण, उपशम प्रकरण

भाग – २ – PDF-2

निर्वाण प्रकरण

भाग – ३ – PDF-3

भाग – ४ – PDF-4

About Asaram Bapuji

Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, known as Asaram Bapu, Asharam Bapu, Bapuji, and Jogi by his followers, is a religious leader in India. Starting to come in the limelight in the early 1970s, he gradually established over 400 ashrams in India and abroad.