ॐकार साधना से १९ दिव्य शक्तियों का विकास – प.पू. संत आशारामजी बापू

ॐकार साधना से १९ दिव्य शक्तियों का विकास – प.पू. संत आशारामजी बापू  
Do you study Holy Scriptures like Vedas and Vedanta or those that sing praises about God? Do you read about God, His form, abode, attributes, nature, His sportive plays and esoteric knowledge? Do you make your life worthwhile by reading stories, life history of God, devotees and spiritual practises of Saints?
Hari Om

About Asaram Bapuji

Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, known as Asaram Bapu, Asharam Bapu, Bapuji, and Jogi by his followers, is a religious leader in India. Starting to come in the limelight in the early 1970s, he gradually established over 400 ashrams in India and abroad.