Guru Poonam

गुरु पूनम आसारामजी बापू

Guru Poonam Asaramji Bapu

Mangal Mangal naam Hari Hari Om…” the bhajan sung by Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu (endearingly called ‘Bapuji’) has fascinated many lives towards spiritualism. What to say, even the people with zero spiritual inclination, entirely against ‘worship of a person as God’, in His discourse sessions, turned into staunch followers of Him. People used to reach to His discourse sessions from small towns, villages, abroad any/ everywhere throughout the world especially on the occasion of Guru Purnima. The discourse (Satsang) spot appeared to be the place of either a pilgrimage or a world full of Peace and Bliss, entirely different from the real-time materialistic world. Bapuji could mesmerize thousands of people for hours and the ambience used to be very similar to what you could have ever imagined in the era of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. He ran many campaigns that transformed the lives of numerous people and made them vice & addiction free, inculcated great values in children & the youth and in turn, many of such children reformed the lives of their friends and near& dear ones by making them quit the habits of drinking, smoking etc. Many depressed ones got saved from sins like suicide commitment and adopting wrong life-style owing to taking inspiration from His discourses and ashram literature, which also includes monthly spiritual magazines like Rishi Prasad(which would complete 25 years on this Guru Poonam), Lok Kalyan Setu etc. ‘Swadeshi’ and simple life style recommended by Him is one of the main reasons He has been sore in the eyes of multi-national product brands; as their economy got adversely affected by His discourses. Mr. Suresh Chavhanke, Chairman of Hinduism based TV channel – Sudarshan has spoken in detail on this. Obviously, the increased number of Bal Sanskar Kendras (17,000+), 425 ashrams across the world, numerous Yoga Vedanta Sewa Samitis and lakhs of children participating in the competitions like Divya Prerna Pratiyogita (Divine Inspiration Contest) based upon the importance of celibacy and Vedanta knowledge, would definitely be the cause of worry for the conspirers – whose liquor, drugs and expensive cosmetics will have no scope to flourish in India.

Commending His sewa activities, our then President of India – Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had quoted:

“The Ashram’s work in trying to uplift the poor and downtrodden should continue in the future also. Various spiritual and humanitarian endeavors for the welfare of the humanity especially through the message of love and brotherhood are worthy activities for the uplift of the society.” 

For those who are sensible enough to understand it’s significance and relevance, the main ashram at Ahmedabad is like a paradise on the earth with extremely spiritual & soothing vibes, especially at the primary spots in the premises, few of those being: Moksha Kuteer, Maa Mehengiba Sthal and Shri Leelashah ji’s place; along with separate accommodation arrangements for males and females. The day at ashram starts with a cool breeze along with morning Sandhya Vandan, that comprises of prayers, mantra chants, listening and contemplation of Bapuji’s discourse audios, and devotional songs & kirtans, followed by noon and evening Sandhya Vandan; meditation, yajnas, rituals etc.; to add to that, there are trees in the premises with extra bundle of spiritual & positive energy, few of those being – Pipal, Banyan, Margosa (Neem) and Gooseberry (Amla) trees, along with Basil (Tulsi) plants; with all this, one can have an ecstatic world’s experience being in the ashram. The students learning Sitar and other musical instruments in the ashram gurukul with ‘alaap and raga’ make it further awesome. Banyan tree (‘Vat Vriksha’ – referred to as ‘Vad- Badshah’ in ashram), which is consecrated by Bapuji, is a desire fulfilling tree for those with faith, and many devotees, by praying there, have cherished their dreams. The ashram sewa activities like, those of packing Ayurvedic medicines and preparing meals for the devotees, are performed while doing ‘mantra – japa’. Many-a-times, even ‘Om’ (ॐ) has appeared on the flat breads (‘rotis’) prepared by the devotees or on uncooked vegetables grown by the devotees. At times, one could even hear the screaming sounds, cries and laughter in Bapuji’s discourse sessions, not due to worldly reasons, but due to awakening of the ‘kundalani’ in most of the attendees. A small piece of sweetmeats given by Him as ‘Prasaadi’ transformed many lives and people used to be in queue to have that from their revered Guru as blessing.

We disciples miss those days spent in ashram, where our beloved Bapuji could make His physical form easily accessible to every single attendee in the discourse session via His Satsang-Pandaal train (with a glass cabinet) , which was referred to as His ‘gaadi’; and a bhajan used to be sung at the background : ‘Gaadi chali hai Guru ke darbar mein…

All the ancient civilizations were destroyed by the aggressors, including those of Egypt and Rome. Only Indian culture of Vedanta is still flourishing and hence it’s been the target of anti-social elements. Lord Macaulay had enacted the Indian Education Act in 1858 to suppress the Indian culture, thereby destroying temples, Gurukuls and many religious places; humiliating spiritual leaders and sending them to prisons. On top, he made English language compulsory and banned Sanskrit. Stringent actions were taken against those using traditional Indian ways of learning and teaching. In 1850 there were 7, 32,000 Gurukuls in India. But because of Macaulay’s Act, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras University replaced the Gurukul system of education, with so called “modern” system of education, which prepared students with hate and disrespect for their own culture, nation, customs and traditions and the feel of pride in using English language. The way our youth sings Hollywood and Bollywood songs these days, the youth in that era chanted mantras in Sanskrit which is otherwise a hard nut for today’s children & youth to crack.

Bapuji, who is a Self- Realized sainthas made us aware of our cultural values and the glory of Vedanta. When India was about to become the world’s spiritual leader due to the endeavors & self-less efforts of Bapuji and other saints; unfortunately the conspirators succeeded in their plans owing to their “perfect” homework which they had started since 2008.

Can’t you see the same as happened during the reins of East India Company, like – Cultural attack by targeting saints, creating apprehensions & disrespect for our saints, destroying their buildings (ashrams), questioning their assets, as were looted by the conspirators in the ancient era; thus, the history is repeating itself and we are still ignorant.

Guru Gobind dau khade, kaake lagoon paay,
Balihari guru aapne , gobind diyo milaay. 

Meaning: Who is more important? Guru – The spiritual mentor or God; who should be given priority when both are standing in front of you? And then it is said that the significance of the Guru (Mentor) is much more, as He shows His disciples the path to reach God.

Bapuji is a saint with the same spiritual heights, who can lead us towards the path of the Almighty, failing in protecting whom we are harming ourselves.

Disregarding a Self-realized saint brings Divine Curse, while revering such a saint brings Divine peace and happiness.

अपूज्या यत्र पूज्यन्ते


पूजनीयो न पूज्यते


Wherever the reverend are not revered and the irreverend are revered; what happens there? Misery, fright and premature deaths


Is Buddha reverend or irreverend?

Buddha? Definitely reverend!

But Buddha was disregarded in Afghanistan,

And terrorists were honored.

So, how much poor Afghanistan had to suffer in retribution!

It’s subjected to continual bombardments.

It’s not good, but true nevertheless.

It has suffered so much; and who knows what comes next?

The reverend was disregarded; and the irreverend were revered.

Fright, misery and premature deaths are quite common there.

See how Nature rebutted the retribution of destroying the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan.

So, do not get afraid if some people speak ill of you. Even the likes of Bapu, Krishna and Buddha faced conspiracies.

It happens.

Keep your self-esteem high. Even Kabirji was maligned; Narsingh Mehta and Tukaram Maharaj were not spared either.


And such a massive problem was created against Saint Gyaneshwara that His own people were pitted against Him.


And the same is being done to Bapu’s own people too; but Bapuji’s devotees and disciples are not against Him. As He never speak anything against anybody, and rather see the presence of HIs Almighty in all. Yet, if some selfish or absconding persons around 25 to 50 in the last 40 years –have failed to assimilate the Guru’s divine grace and are now on the way to use adverse forces towards maligning Him; He just consider it as a test of HIs Sadhakas, which will definitely prove their true loyalty.

The devotees of Bapu are never bewildered ;

They do not revert back after having stepped forward.

We do not know in which hell the maligners of Shabri are today.

Nor do We know the fate of those who denounced Matanga Rishi.

Mahavira too was maligned; not only this, even His own relative Gaushalaka joined His organization and mobilized His own 500 followers to vilify Him.

No one knows the fate of Gaushalaka and his vilifying cohorts, but we all have reverence and adoration for Mahavira even today.

Similarly, Kabirji, Rahidasji, Nanakji, Eknathaji and Tukaram Maharaj were subjected to huge conspiracies.

Even a malicious propaganda and conspiracy was so executed against Kabirji that a prostitute came and sat down near Him saying, “Were not you on my bed last night?”

Then a liquor vendor arrived shouting: “You had consumed half the bottle, so now pay for it.”

A meat vendor came & said, “Maharaj, you have crossed all limits of sacrilege. You eat all types of non-vegetarian food at my place and here you proclaim yourself as a saint!”

So tremendous was the wicked propaganda that all his devotees fled away.

However, Saluka and Maluka did not leave.

Story goes like this:


Kabirji said, “O brothers! Kabir has lost his character. Now, you too should leave.”

Then judicious Saluka and Maluka said, “We do not know if your maligners are telling the truth or not, we cannot check the veracity of this prostitute’s statement either. Neither we are concerned about whether you really consume meat and wine, nor about your concerns with the prostitute. We only concern that sitting at your holy feet gives us inner peace and wisdom.

We do purchase nice sweetmeats irrespective of the maker himself eating them or not.

We do purchase the beautiful artworks irrespective of the personal looks of the artist.

Likewise, O Maharaj, irrespective of the terrible propaganda against you, we are sitting at your holy feet only because of the divine bliss that we gain from your pious words, Satsang and devotion to God.


Guruji, even if you do not console us and just sit like that,

The atmosphere of the surrounding will get sublimated;

Even a miserable soul will find solace.