Maa Baap ko Bhulna Nahi


Expression of Strong Feelings by Maiya Lakshmideviji – the Embodiment of Simplicity & Gentlemanliness & Mother of Crores of Devotees

All the allegations leveled on Pujya Bapuji are false and baseless. My Bapuji is a real saint and an embodiment of self-restraint. Everyone knows that the lives of crores of people have changed for the better due His proximity and the lesson of self-restraint taught by Him. This fasle propaganda will not stay for long against Pujya Bapuji. Just as clouds can’t obscure the sun for long; similarly; the clouds of bad publicity will not be able to obscure the real image of Pujya Bapuji. I’m fortunate enough to have Pujya Bapuji as my husband; and now I worship Him as my Guru.

Pujya Bapuji had left home just 8 days before our marriage; and he was found out in Ashok Ashram after a prolonged search by His family members. His elder brother and other people requested and convinced Him for marriage. They promised Him to let Him live the life of self-restraint, celibacy and holiness. And they will not become obstacle on His way to lead the life of His choice after marriage. But if you don’t marry now; it will be a big problem in the marriage of our sons and daughters. Soon after marraige our Gurudev; Pujya Bapuji; started to live the same life of self-restraint. His mother and sister-in-law put pressure on Him to bring Him into worldly life like others; otherwise He will become an ascetic or a sage. So better you go into His room and convince Him for consummation of marriage. Even my parents, brother and sister-in-law had told me everything about Him that he wants to remain a celibate; and wants to become an ascetic; so; you take Him into a cinema hall to watch a film to bring Him back into worldly life of an ordinary man. When I asked Him to take me out to watch a movie on a Sunday; instead He took me to a satsang along with his Punjabi satsangi (virtuous) friend Hargovind. He requested Hargovind to convince his wife to make me also virtuous. Due to Mrs. Hargovind’s wife’s pious company; all the petty thoughts of films; drilled in my mind by my family people; went out of my mind. This was His first grace on me. It awakened devotion and the aspiration of Self-realization or God-achievement in me. I came to know that only God-achievement is the epitome of life; rest is all waste and useless. These were the first sacred impressions; which awakened in me due to God’s grace. Thinking that if I stay in home; I might some day slip into married family life; so He went to stay in a Neelkanth Mahadev religious resthouse and to help his brother in the shop in day time from there only. He said these words and left for the religious resthouse. From there only he was attending a sanskrit intitute to study Sanskrit. During the course of His study; He came across one couplet in ‘Hitopadesh’ book during his examination days; which means:


‘He who has forsaken all his desires; and has taken refuge of desirelessness; he has studied, listened and completed all his studies; and he has passed all exams of life as well.’ (1.146)

He; who has become desireless after forsaking all his passions and desires; has completed all his studies; and completed all his religious exercises and ritual ceremonies. What examination such a great man needs to take? He came home and told me very clearly that if you love anything other than God; you will certainly end up weeping only. He left home saying ‘I am going for God-achievement.’ He remained under the guidance and patronage of Pujya Leelashahji Maharaj for seven long years.

I was really very impressed with His (Pujya Bapuji’s) devotion, self-restraint, steadfastness and allegiance. His Gurudev was told about my gentlemanliness and He happened to come to Ahmedabad. Sadguru Sai Shri Leelashahji Maharaj kept His hand over my head; and that added feathers to my cap; and since then my life blossomed like a flower. How much happy, satisfied and pious I have become due to spiritual favour and freedom from passions among lakhs and crores of women; either I know it myself; or God and our Gurudev (Pujya Bapuji) know it. I am very-very fortunate that I got such a great man as my husband; who helps me spiritually as a Guru.

You need the knowledge of Shastras; and pious and virtuous intellect or wisdom to understand saints. The people who are doing our bad publicity; such poor people hardly know what we get out of satsang. Along with the bright future; there must not be any other woman in my family and caste; who has been blessed with a life like me; and the lives of crores and crores of children’s have also become blessed due to Pujya Bapuji’s pious nearness and satsang. How beautifully Lord Shiva has said: VERSE

All the allegations levelled on my daughter Bharati are false, concoked and made up stories. I have full faith in her conduct and behaviour. She is very self-restrained; and several girls have also become self-restrained due to her pious company and nearness. Can you believe such a thing any wife can do for her husband or a dughter can do for her father; as we have been blamed of? Never! Never!!





About Asaram Bapuji

Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, known as Asaram Bapu, Asharam Bapu, Bapuji, and Jogi by his followers, is a religious leader in India. Starting to come in the limelight in the early 1970s, he gradually established over 400 ashrams in India and abroad.