Root of All Sufferings [Chup Sadhna] Part -1

chupsadhnaPart -1

Part- 2

Param Pujya Gurudev’s golden words.
“You go anywhere, any good place, you will get some comfort, you will assume that to be happiness, but pain and sufferings will automatically generate..then you will run from there…whether you go to picnic place or to in-law’s house anywhere you go, till you are making mistake from inside… till then you won’t get complete happiness.

Who increases by happening of something is not Truth
Who decreases by happening of something is not Truth.

In the world if you get degrees, jobs, promotions, even rule of the whole earth but if you don’t have love for your inner soul, for your inner God then what is the use of all this?
Whatever you get for the body, which is going to die, is the numb part, son. And whatever goes away is the loss of this numb body. What is yours that has gone?”