This Time Matri Pitri Poojan Divas Will be Celebrated Across Globe

14th Feb, Valentine – Love Day. Love is divine. But today the youth is mis-guided by Valentine Day. If today’s generation have reckless fun of it then nation future is at threat . To remove this evil custom all over the world Pujya Bapuji initiated 14th Feb to be celebrated as Matri Pitri Divas — Divine Valentine Day.

While awakening the youths to the the terrible consequences of Valentine’s Day, His Divine Holiness Pujya Asharam ji Bapu has this to say:
“As ganeshji worshiped their parents(Shivji and Parvatiji) which blessed him being Trilochan. Shivaji said , “I am Mahadev but you will be worshiped as Mahadev’s Aadidev”. Every Parents wish their Child cultivate good virtues. So teach children not to keep opposite gender friendship. Have lovely friendship with your consciousness of the Supreme Lord. If young boys and girls meet, it will only lead them to ruin. The west is on ruinous path. Why we should follow them blindly ? Parents always have good welfare feelings for their children. And when child worships them their hearts overflow by loving blessings.

Inspired by Pujya Bapuji’s this divine project Chhattisgarh Government made compulsory for all schools and colleges of whole state and also set and motivating example for other governments.

Guidelines to Celebrate Divine Love….Pujan Karu Me Mat Pita Ka….
“Never Forget Your Parents”

You may forget all else, but never do forget your parents; They have done you countless good turns; forget this not.

“Bhulo Sabhi Ko tum Magar Maa Baap Ko Bhulna Nahin, Anginat Hai Upakar Unke Ye Kabhi Bisarna Nahin.”

Bapuji has firmly determine to spread this Divine Valentine day all over the universe.

Let’s come together to celebrate “Divine Valentine Day” ” Matri Pitri Divas” from our family, society, city and all over the world.